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Many services to choose from

Industry 4.0

You have tools? Connect them together, generate more value, increase your efficiency.

Data Mining

Got tons of data? We will give them meaning and value.


The right algorithms, the right method: from traditional mathematics to artificial intelligence in one place.

Data acquisition

You have plenty of measuring instruments, handwritten files, high speed real time acquisition data, it's all good.

Project Managment

To facilitate communication, ensure traceability and knowledge transfer. To avoid cost overruns and respect for schedules.


You have code to develop for a Windows or Linux application, for a microcontroller or an FPGA, we can help you.

Who is behind Codotek Innovation?

A pationnate!

Paul Bareil


Beyond technical work, I like to get things done, I am motivated by innovation. You will find me behind my computer, in front of a book, in the forest or running on the trails.

Check out my LinkedIn page below for my professional background.

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